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New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Posted on 30.12.2016 in Diary, Music, Video production, YouTube by

I talk about my new year’s resolution for 2016 and what I try on 2017. 2016 saw me losing weight. 2017 I try to get rid of another bad habit.

I plan to make video about my thoughts of vegans and vegetarians. I planned to make it before this video but I wanted to get short movies published. It should be published during January if nothing unexpected happens.

I felt litlle ill shooting this. It might show. This was third video I made in four days. I could have done them in three but I felt I needed day off.


Black Christmas in Helsinki

Posted on 25.12.2016 in Photography, Video production, YouTube by

I am not sure if English speaking world uses term black Christmas same way as we do in Finland. To us black Christmas is Christmas without snow. As opposed to white Christmas. At least white christmas is used among English speakers. If black Christmas means something else I don’t know about it. Unless it is a movie which I found when I googled the term.

This video shows why we call Christmas without snow black Christmas. I boosted darkness in color grading. I feel I always shoot as same places. Those are the places where things happen and which get decorated. I wanted to make this look different. I have one similar video coming later. It is partly shot in same places.

Video was shot and edited during Christmas eve. Finland closes down during Christmas eve. Normally these places have much more people. Christmas eve is one of two days when you can shoot really empty city in Finland. Another is Juhannus at midsummer. Music was also done during Christmas eve. I used U-He ZebraHZ, Moog Mother-32 and Pianoteq 5. Those who own ZebraHZ probably know the sound. I don’t like to use presets but this I liked too much. I felt in love with it when I tested Push 2. Video was shot with Sony A6300.


Kallio Block Party 2016

Posted on 18.12.2016 in Video production, YouTube by

At last I managed to get this published. Kallio Block Party is annual free party held somewhere in Kallio.

It was bit hard to make music this since it is darkest time of the winter and video was shot during summer. I am currently into making different kind of music. Which you probably hear in next short movie.

This is first time you hear my Moog Mother 32. It sounds nice but needs modular to get everything out of it. By itself it is quite limited. Because I don’t have modular I have not used it in videos before.

I will publish short movies more often in near future. I want to publish short movies faster and have them more current. This was shot six months ago. I have six videos shot and I will shot couple more by the end of this year. I don’t want to publish Christmas and New Year’s Eve videos next summer.


100th Video

Posted on 13.12.2016 in Blogging, Photography, Video production, YouTube by

This video is very late. I have already published another after this one. I just forgot to publish this here.

Based on Youtube’s Video Manager this is my 100th video on this channel. I haven’t counted the videos but I believe what Video Manager says. Playlists don’t have that many videos. I only show custom playlists which don’t have every video. This is 62nd 5 Minutes with Kvesti. I keep count of that.

I have other channel which I have not updated in ages. So overall I have more than 100 videos on Youtube. This won’t be the last video. I have 5 short movies I need to edit and many ideas for other videos. Short movies are on hold the moment. I have other things taking my energy and some of my time but there will be more short movies after things get back to normal.


No Mirror Makeup Challenge (Man edition)

Posted on 3.12.2016 in YouTube by

I would be surprised if nobody has done this before. It is so low hanging fruit. I saw one female version of this challenge and decided to do male version of it. I have not seen any of them but I haven’t searched for them.

I might do more of Random BS videos in future. Previous was a year ago. These are fun and fast to make. Easy to do one of these when I don’t have time or energy to do longer videos.